Hepatitis C Survivor  

Things NOT To Do When You Are Treating Hepatitis C

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

Saying Yes: Do not say yes to people, if you do not have the strength to do something with them or for them. Learn to say NO. The time you spend on treatment needs to be all about you. This will be one of the most important things that you do. In order to insure your success, saying NO is something you'll need to learn to do.

Helpful Advice For A Successful First Visit With Your Hepatitis Specialist

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

For most people, the diagnosis of Hepatitis C is given to them by their family physician. Because the management of Hepatitis C is critical, you will need to find a specialist who is well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of HCV. There are 3 kinds of doctors that typically treat patients with Hepatitis C. 

Dr. Visits and Dealing With Treatment

Common Medical Abbreviations Related to Hepatitis C

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

Did you ever take a look at your medical chart and wonder what the heck all that code was?  To avoid writing out lengthy words, the medical profession has taken to using some abbreviations.  Some are easier to figure out than others. This list should help. 

The Liver Biopsy - How To Interpret The Results

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

So you've gone in for that liver biopsy and realized what a pleasant experience that is... Okay, I am being sarcastic.  There is nothing inherently good about having a biopsy.  The entire procedure tends to freak people out and it's not fun at all, but it's an important piece in the puzzle...  So you've done it and hopefully come out unscathed and now you have the results.  What do they mean?  Hopefully this will help.  

Hepatitis C Treatment and Drugs

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

Treating Hepatitis C

Treatment for HCV is NOT always necessary.  Just because you have received a diagnosis of Hepatitis C does not mean that you need to rush into treatment.  You may not need to treat at all.  In all actuality, only about 20% of the people who have HCV will go on to develop any serious liver problems.  If you do not have any liver abnormalities or if they are very slight, you might not need treatment because your risk of future liver problems may be very low. 

Getting Ready For Treatment

Written By:  Teri Gottlieb

You want to be successful in treating your Hepatitis C right? Well, to be successful in anything you need to plan accordingly. There are things you can do to make this part of your life much easier for you. If things are easy, it's more likely you will be able to get it done right? Right. Let me give you some tips to make this work for you.